Business Solutions Network

This powerful online meeting format has been tested and proven to work.

It is designed to bring together business connections that are relevant and qualified.

Get more from your networking by attending a meeting that delivers.

Sponsored by Healys Law join the hosted online event to build your network and support for your business.


‘Well what to say about this networking group? Am not sure I knew what I was expecting but I had my first visit and my initial feeling and thought was “I hate this, how do I get out without being rude”.


I think the issue was that this isn't a ‘usual’ networking session as there is clearly a role to challenge and provoke to make you think about your business and how others see you and it – the intention is about building a solid understanding of each other
and develop and nurture relationships.


Having hated it from the moment I ‘walked’ into the room, I made a complete and utter 180 with my thoughts being “I’m so looking forward to next month”.
Jamie Forster,